About HALO

About HALO

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What Does HALO Stand for?

HALO is an acronym that stands for Helping Animals Live On. It is a succinct, four-word definition of what we are here for.  It is the reason each and every employee and volunteer puts two feet on the ground.  It is a passion that goes beyond just loving dogs and cats.  It is a driving force in our lives; to make this community, this world, a safe place for homeless pets.

HALO Animal Rescue

Located in sunny Phoenix, Arizona, HALO Animal Rescue is a safety net for thousands of homeless dogs and cats each year.  We are a no-kill facility, which means we never euthanize an animal because we have run out of room, but it also means we are limited in the animals we can take in at any given time. Our animals are lovingly cared for while they are prepared for adoption, and then they are adopted into loving homes.

Animal Advocates

Our commitment goes beyond just caring for the animals within our shelter, we are working to create a better welfare system for all the animals in this community.  With just over 60,000 dogs and cats entering Valley shelters each year we've got our work cut out for us.   We feel it is critical to continue to nurture relationships with other welfare agencies to create life-saving strategies so we can all fully utilize our available resources to save as many lives as possible.

We are committed to adoption of all treatable pets.  In order to reach this goal, we must all work together, building from our strengths to provide the care you as the public want and expect us to give. In return, we ask for your support by providing a helping hand, temporary shelter or the financial means to provide the care they need.  Their lives are dependent upon every person in this community taking part and joining the fight to save them.


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