About HALO

About HALO

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How Are Donations Used?

It means the world to us that you've decided to open your hearts to the animals.  We are always striving to do more for the homeless dogs and cats in our community, and part of that effort is being very careful with donated funds.  The least we can do in return for your generosity is to maximize the effect that donated resources can have on the lives and welfare of the animals we save.

To make a gift to the homeless animals, please visit our Donation Page.

Here are the effects that your gift can have on the animals:

$10 - Keep An Animal Comfy

This gift will provide a comfortable bed and blanket to an animal at our shelter.  They'll sleep well knowing they're safe and sound under our care, nice and cozy thanks to you.

$25 - Clean the Shelter

A gift of $25 will buy enough cleaning supplies and sanitizer to clean the whole shelter.  This helps keeping the animals healthy and prevents the spread of disease between animals housed in the close-quarters of a shelter environment.

$50 - Let Them Play

Buys 100 assorted toys, to keep homeless dogs and cats happy and having fun during the times of day they're in their kennels at the shelter.

$100 - Microchip 10 Animals

A microchipped animal can be returned to its family if it is lost, even if it loses its collar.  This gift will microchip ten dogs or cats, ensuring that our animals' new homes are their forever homes.

$500 - Repair a Broken Leg

Help a dog or cat with a broken bone get back to their good old selves.   A fractured limb is many times grounds for euthanasia at other shelters because of the cost of a repair and foster care time needed.  This gift will save a perfectly wonderful dog or cat from that fate.

$1,000 - Fuel for Life

HALO operates 3 transport vans to get our pets to and from vet appointments as well as delivering them to our adoption centers throughout the Valley. These vehicles are a critical component to our lifesaving mission! $1,000 is enough to fuel our fleet for two months, providing hundreds of pets the lift they need to help get them to their final destination, a new home!

$5,000 - Heal 250 Animals

Upper respiratory infections (colds) are the most common reason for easily treatable animals to be in danger of being euthanized in our community.  This gift will provide enough antibiotics to allow HALO to providing healing medications to 250 sick pets.

$10,000 - Vaccinate 1,000 Puppies or Kittens

Provide all the necessary vaccines to get a thousand kitties or puppies ready for their new homes.  Your gift will provide protection from diseases like rabies, parvo, calicivirus, distemper, and more.

$50,000 - Spay and Neuter a Thousand Animals

Every HALO animal must be spayed or neutered prior to adoption.  This is not only a law, but it's the right thing to do for animals in our community.  This gift will spay or neuter one thousand animals, which will have an amazing impact on prevention of pet-overpopulation for years to come.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1.  Don't you get all your money from adoption fees?

Adoption fees make up 29% of HALO's income.  The dogs and cats cost more to care for than could be charged for adoption fees.  If HALO relied completely on adoption fees, the fees would have to be almost $400 for every animal, which very few adopters would be willing or able to pay.  Over half of HALO's income comes from donations from generous people who care about animals.

2.  What does HALO Animal Rescue do?

Read about HALO's work saving dogs and cats here.

3.  Where is your financial info?

provided right here...

2015 IRS 990's

2015 Audit

501(c)3 Non-Profit Status Letter

HALO's Tax ID Number is 86-0832160

Total Adoptions in 2010: 2,593

Total Adoptions in 2011: 3,522

Total Adoptions in 2012: 4,758

Total Adoptions in 2013: 7,084

Total Adoptions in 2014: 7,066

Total Adoptions in 2015: 8,072


Total Expenses (from 2015 Audit):

Pie Chart 2015

4.  What if I have other questions?

Feel free to contact us:

(602) 506-2238 or halosupporter@halorescue.org

To make a gift to the animals, visit our Donation Page.