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Your ticket numbers are emailed to you at the time of purchase. If you can't locate them, contact us at to have them resent. 
03/17/24 TICKET# C-122167 Winner Shannon H. a longtime HALO supporter, from Mesa, AZ

03/08/24 EARLY BIRD TICKET# C-105566 Winner C.H. a HALO supporter

12/15/23 TICKET# C-167039
Winner T. B., a HALO adopter and supporter

11/24/23 TICKET# C-102756 $500.00 Early Bird Winner Monica, a longtime HALO supporter, from Chandler, AZ

/22/23 TICKET# C-20012 $6,090.00
Winner Lolly Mackenzie a longtime HALO supporter of Rethink Interiors

06/23/23 TICKET# B-41357 $4,925.00
Winner D.K. a HALO Thrift Boutique supporter 

02/15/23 TICKET# C-43062 $6,655.00
Winner K.S. 

12/22/22 TICKET# C-37766 $10,915.00

Winner M.B. of Phoenix, AZ a HALO supporter 

12/6/22 EARLY BIRD TICKET# C-21517  $250.00

Winner D.S. of Phoenix, AZ and previous adopter

11/16/22 TICKET# C-32193 $12,935.00 
Winner: A.C. of Cave Creek, AZ

A 50/50 is a raffle where tickets are sold at a predetermined selling price and the total jackpot is split into two equal parts. The person whose ticket is drawn receives half of the total amount of the “jackpot" or "pot”. 50% goes to the winner and 50% goes to the organization running the event. You must be 18 years of age or older to play. This is not a donation or tax deductible. 





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