HALO Animal Rescue assists with cats and dogs only. HALO does not take in stray pets. See below for details.

Returning or surrendering an owned pet:

Surrendering an owned pet: Surrender fees vary.

Returning an adopted pet: If you have adopted an animal from us and need to return him/her, please email us with the information below. We make every effort to take back our previously adopted pets. We request a surrender fee unless your pet

was adopted less than six months ago and returned healthy.  

Copy and paste the following info in an email and send to

Your first and last name: 

1)      Pet’s name.

2)      Was the pet adopted from HALO?

3)      If so, what is the adopter’s name on the paperwork?

4)      If so, what is the pet’s ID number at HALO?

5)      If not, where did you get the animal? If another shelter, what's the name?

6)      Photo(s) of the pet

7)      Reason this pet needs a new home? Please be specific, even if multiple reasons.

8)      Length of ownership/time of pet in your care?

9)      Your contact phone number?

10)    Pet's age or best guess?

11)    Pet's breed or mix (best guess is ok)?

12)    Is the pet spayed/neutered?

13)    Has the pet had vaccines in the last year?

14)    How is the pet with dogs/cats/kids/strangers? Please be specific.

15)    What medical and behavior concerns do you have? Please be specific.

16)    Has the animal ever bitten anyone?

17)    If yes, what were the circumstances, when did the bite occur, were there injuries?​

        if this request is for a cat, how often does the cat potty outside of the litter box?

18)   Has the animal been exposed to someone with a confirmed COVID diagnosis or COVID symptoms in the last 30 days?


Posting a pet online: will post photos and write-ups of the animals in your care that need a new home. Visit their Rehome tab to set it up.  They require pets to be spayed/neutered to be posted. You can receive low-cost help for spaying and neutering by calling the Spay Neuter Hotline at 602-265-SPAY.

Stray Pets:

If you have found a stray dog or tame stray cat** please post the animal's information and photo on the Facebook page Straydar and search their listing of lost pets. You should also have the animal scanned for a microchip, which can be done at any shelter, veterinary hospital or emergency room. We also recommend using the Next Door app as well as posting the pet on Craigslist.  If you cannot keep the animal, please contact Maricopa County Animal Care and Control at 602-506-7387. If the stray pet you have found is injured, please contact the AZ Humane Society at 602-997-7585 for ambulance assistance.

**If you have found a feral (wild) stray cat, please contact the Spay Neuter Hotline at 602-265-SPAY or for information on TNR, Trap-Neuter-Return, the only humane method of population control for feral cats.

Maricopa County Animal Care and Control Interactive Lost & Found Pet Map click here

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