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Our pets are proudly sponsored by:

If you are interested in meeting one of our available pets shown on our website, to speed along the adoption process please copy and paste the following questions and send them along with the answers to You can also review our required adoption documents ahead of time below.


We are accepting walk-ins now. Showings are on a first come first serve basis. We do have some foster pets available online. If you are interested in a foster pet, please be sure to fill out the application and so we can get a meet and greet set up. We are not accepting applications in advance for pets that are underage or otherwise not ready for adoption.  

For more details on our adoption process, please click here.

  1. What dogs are you interested in?

  2. Full name.

  3. Phone number.

  4. Full address including city, state, zip.

  5. Email address.

  6. Please list the names and ages of people living in the home.

  7. Have you or your significant other adopted a pet from HALO before? If yes, please elaborate.

  8. Please list the current pets in the home including species and ages.

  9. Please list the age range of a pet you are interested in adopting.

  10. Please list the size, by approximate weight, for the pet when full-grown you’re interested in adopting.

  11. Please list any breeds or physical features you’re interested in.

  12. What are the breed restrictions for your home?

  13. What are the size restrictions in your home?

  14. Do you have a backyard?

    1. If yes, do you have a fence? How tall?

  15. How much time will the dog spend outdoors? Please answer with a percentage, for example, 50%


Please email once you are ready to submit your application. 

Click here to view the required adoption documents.

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