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Under 16

Even though HALO doesn’t have opportunities in the shelter for volunteers under 16 years of age, there are still lots of ways to help!

HALO has approximately 250 pets in its care at any time. For each animal, we provide a clean bed, blanket, toys, and bowls daily. It takes a lot of supplies to keep each pet happy, healthy and comfortable! A clean, comfortable kennel helps dogs and cats get adopted much faster – the pets are happier and more at ease.

Ways you can help:

  • Make toys or beds for our dogs and cats

  • Hold a donation drive for treats, toys, blankets, beds, towels, & other supplies

  • Host a fundraiser like a penny drive

  • Make cat scratchers for the kennels using burlap and wood


Toy tutorials:

Questions? Need help?

Email or call 602-971-9222 ext. 106 for help.

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