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Purina Partnership


Since 2009, HALO Animal Rescue has chosen to partner with Purina to feed our shelter pets. We’ve visited Purina Farms, toured their factories, and seen their development labs. We’re proud to feed our pets a wholesome and complete food backed by decades of research and testing.

Most importantly, we have seen the difference that good quality food makes for our pets. Good food helps our malnourished pets gain weight and get a sheen back into their fur. It helps provide nutrients and energy to our nursing mothers and babies in need. Good food save lives.

Purina generously donates canned food, kibble, cat litter, and probiotics for all of HALO's pets. 

Choosing a Food for Your Pet


We've found that Purina One not only meets all of our pets’ dietary needs, it also provides a nice balance between good taste and affordable price. Most HALO pets eat Purina One at our shelter and we recommend that adopters continue feeding this food at home. For pets with special dietary needs, we choose Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets.

We encourage our adopters to continue feeding their pets the Purina One food they’ve become used to at the shelter. Purina even buys the first bag for you with each adoption to help our pets have an easier transition into their new homes. Newly adopted pets sometimes feel stressed with so much changing around them. We’ve seen that keeping the food the same helps many shelters pets have an easier transition into their new home.

Purina offers many additional food options and we believe in their quality too. Visit to see all of their options. Changing a pet’s food too quickly can cause upset stomach. If you decide to switch your pet's food, we recommend a slow transition period to reduce the chance of upset stomach.

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